Bail denied in Waynesboro after Tuesday night domestic incident

12 June 2023- A Waynesboro man remains behind bars today after a domestic late on Tuesday night outside the borough. Avery Michael Edwards is behind bars on bail denied after being charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor terroristic threats, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, and misdemeanor assault. MDJ Eyer denied bail to Edwards, saying, “no amount of money or bail condition will keep public safe”.

Washington Township PD were dispatched to a home on Buchanan Trail East around 9:45pm on June 11th for a reported domestic. The caller, Avery Edwards, had called 911 after he said his child’s mother had struck him and he subsequently produced a firearm. That firearm, according to Edwards, was put away after and he was no longer in physical possession of it.

WTPD immediately spoke to Edwards after they arrived on scene where he allegedly told them that an argument between him and the victim had started after alleged infidelity. After an argument, the victim reportedly tried to leave but Edwards blocked the door. This is when the victim allegedly started punching him multiple times in the face. Edwards reportedly told officers that he was “gushing blood” from what WTPD determined to be his nostril and possibly his lip. It was at this point that Edwards allegedly produced a handgun, a Glock 30, and pointed it at the victim’s head.

Edwards, WTPD say, admitted that “he may have made contact with her with the gun, but was not sure”. The gun, which was found later by WTPD, was cleared and made safe after eight rounds were found inside the magazine and one in the chamber. After this, Edwards was placed into handcuffs.

The victim was spoken to after the initial interview with Edwards. During that interview, WTPD say that series of events was slightly different. The victim, WTPD say, was arguing with Edwards when he initiated physical contact by pushing her. This resulted in a couple other pushes and a punch but after that last incident Edwards allegedly produced the gun. During the altercation, the victim alleges that she was struck by the firearm to the side of her face, which WTPD say showed signs of impact. During the incident, WTPD say the victim alleged Edwards said something to the effect of “I’m going to shoot you” or “I ought to shoot you”.

Avery Edwards has been denied bail and is behind bars in Franklin County Jail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000095-2024, Incident No.: WTPD2024-04344