Bail denied in Shippensburg after police pull over vehicle with missing juvenile, man illegally carrying a gun

30 January 2024- Bail has been denied for a Shippensburg man with no consistent address allegedly found with both a missing juvenile as well as an illegally owned gun. Stone David McClure was denied bail by MDJ Daniel Freedman with reasons given as “homeless, illegal firearm”. McClure was charged with felony firearm carried without a license, misdemeanor false identification to law enforcement, misdemeanor corruption of minors, misdemeanor marijuana possession, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Shippensburg PD officers were on regular patrol on January 29th when they reportedly spotted a vehicle parked at a gas station they believed to have a broken tail light. After following the car for a short distance, SPD say they found that to be correct and pulled the vehicle over for traffic violations.

The driver of that vehicle was identified by police, but he said that both him and the rest of the people did not posses valid licenses. Due to this, and the fact nobody else in the vehicle would identify themselves, they were all asked to exit the vehicle.

After patting down the driver, SPD turned their attention to the passenger. Asking him if there was anything harmful in his possession, the man allegedly admitted to having a pocket knife but then changed to include a handgun. That handgun, the man said, was not to be carried by him due to the fact he had no concealed carry permit. Investigating further, police received the man’s name from him as David McClure.

SPD officers ran McClure’s name through police databases but were unable to find him. After contacting dispatch and trying other possibilities when McClure said this was the correct name, officers then learned McClure’s middle name was David but his first name was actually Stone. Questioning McClure about this, he allegedly told officers he knew he had a warrant and that’s why he lied about the name.

The back seat passenger was questioned, to which it turned out she was a known-to-be-missing juvenile. That woman said that she had been with McClure for a number of days and that he provided her with marijuana during that time.

After booking McClure and processing the others, police were able to learn that McClure was convicted in 2021 for a drug violation, making him ineligible to hold a concealed carry permit in PA.

Stone McClure is behind bars on bail denied.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000040-2024, Incident No.: SP-2024-0636