Bail denied in Chambersburg after Sunday domestic possibly involving a firearm

17 June 2024- A Chambersburg man is behind bars today on bail denied after allegedly assaulting and threatening his wife on Sunday evening. Fabian Paul Herrera was denied bail by MDJ Manns, with the latter stating, “no bail conditions available to ensure the safety of the victim. He has since been charged with misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor terroristic threats.

Chambersburg PD officers were called to a home on Whitley Drive around 8:30pm on Sunday for a domestic dispute. Once they arrived, the immediately spoke to the victim who allegedly told them that her husband, Fabian Herrera, had entered her bedroom and began yelling at her before she called 911. Herrera allegedly grabbed the victim by her throat and “pointed a black handgun against the side of her head” before moving “the barrel of the gun and shoved it into her mouth”. After this, CPD say that Herrera told the victim, “do you really want to f*** with someone’s mental state right now”.

The incident reportedly ended when the victim’s son entered the room and Herrera put the alleged gun in his waistband. CPD do say, though, that Herrera allegedly told the witness that “it was the remote” before putting a remote on the counter and walking out of the home.

Fabian Herrera is behind bars on Bail Denied.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000317-2024, Incident No.: C2024-07420