BAIL DENIED: Hagerstown men allegedly shoot at car near Chambersburg because of a dispute involving “names of their cars”

03 June 2024- In what could be one of the weirdest stories involving a shooting in Franklin County, two Hagerstown men have had bail denied following an apparent drive by with a BB gun. Dakota Leif Tyler Jenson has been charged with felony conspiracy to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor conspiracy to commit simple assault, misdemeanor conspiracy to reckless endanger, and misdemeanor criminal mischief damage property. Joseph Allen Kershner was charged with the same charges, but without conspiracy designations. Both Kershner and Jenson were denied bail by MDJ Kelly Rock, with the reason cited as “threat to society”.

Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to a case that had originally taken place near the intersection of Molly Pitcher Highway and Greenvillage Road around 7:07pm on June 2nd. During the incident, the victims reportedly told police that the car they had been driving had just been shot several times in the rear windshield. The car that had done the shooting, Troopers say, reportedly was a grey Chrysler sedan with the words “The Grouch” across the windshield.

An additionally interview was conducted, with Troopers learning that while stopped at the light near Sheetz, another car had pulled up to the victim’s vehicle, stuck their arm out a window while holding a handgun, then pulled the trigger multiple times. Believing that the people were trying to kill him and that it was a real gun, the victim ducked before the alleged assailants left.

That car, police learned, was owned by the victim’s girlfriend. Because of this, Troopers were able to learn that the victim’s girlfriend and both Joseph Kershner and Dakota Jenson had an ongoing “dispute over the names of their cars”.

After police canvassed for the vehicle, they found one that matched the description of the Chrysler, pulling it over and finding both Jenson and Kershner inside. After both were interviewed, they allegedly admitted to shooting at the vehicle but that it was with a BB gun. Jenson reportedly supplied the metal BBs and a CO2 canister, Kershner taking the shots. A subsequent search warrant was executed on the car, with Troopers saying they found a black BB gun pistol under the driver’s seat with a container of BBs and a CO2 container found in the driver’s side backseat door.

Dakota Jenson and Joseph Kershner are behind bars on bail denied.

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