Bail denied for Chambersburg man accused of repeated sexual assaults against preteen niece

20 February 2024- Bail has been denied against a Chambersburg woman accused of repeated sexual assaults against a girl under the age of 10. Rigoberto Alegria is charged with three felony counts of rape of a child, 9 felony counts of IDSI with a child, three felony counts of statutory sexual assault, three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault of a child, three felony counts of corruption of minors, three felony counts of child endangerment, three felony counts of intimidating a victim, three felony counts of unlawful contact with a minor, and two misdemeanor counts of Indecent assault of someone less than 13. Bail was denied by MDJ Manns, with him saying in filings “No bail conditions available to ensure the safety of the victim or the defendant”.

PSP received a child abuse CY-104 report on January 29th of possible abuse against a now-10 year old girl. In the report, Rigoberto Alegria is named as the person accused of the abuse. Additionally, it specifies that there is a 37 year age gap between the victim and Alegria.

A forensic interview was conducted with the victim on February 19th, with her reportedly telling investigators that her uncle “is bad. I don’t like him….he used to touch me when he wasn’t supposed to”.

The abuse, investigators say, happened between the victim’s ages of 4 and 8 years old, or 2017-2021. These occurred at her home on Birch Street in the borough, her uncle’s home on Elder Street, and in the woods near Thaddeus Stevens Elementary on Hollywell Avenue.

The victim described in detail, police say, how Alegria would assault her and force her to do things even when she told him to stop. Additionally, Troopers say that the victim was forced to watch pornography provided by Alegria multiple times. All the while this was happening, police say the victim told them she told her uncle to stop.

In one instance, the victim’s family allegedly confronted Alegria, with him admitting to showing the victim pornography. It is unclear in police reports whether they believed anything else was happening at that time.

Rigoberto Alegria is behind bars on bail denied.

Sources: Incident No.: PA 2024-224147, Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000060-2024