BAIL DENIED: CPD charge man who was set to be sentenced yesterday, his brother with calling in Franklin County Courthouse bomb threat

11 April 2024- One of two people allegedly involved in the bomb threat at the Franklin County Courthouse on Wednesday that nearly closed Chambersburg completely down. Chadwin Kyle Rogers has been charged with felony conspiracy to commit terroristic threats that cause the evacuation of a building and felony conspiracy to commit criminal use of a communications facility. Chadwin’s brother, Jason Matthew Rogers, is facing charges of felony terroristic threats and felony criminal use of a communication facility. At time of publication, Chadwin has been denied bail by MDJ Plum and Jason has not been located. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact 911 or the Chambersburg PD.

At 2:04pm on April 10th, Chambersburg PD responded to a reported bomb threat at the Franklin County Courthouse. It was determined, they say, that a male contacted the courthouse and said that a bomb would go off in thirty minutes. At this point, the courthouse complex was completely evacuated.

The phone that was used to make the initial threat call, Chambersburg PD and Pennsylvania State Police say, was purchased that afternoon at a store in the Southgate mall. That phone was purchased allegedly by Jason Rogers at 12:45pm, with the call being placed shortly after.

Crucially, CPD say that Jason’s brother (and current arrestee) Chadwin was set to be sentenced at 1:00pm inside the very courthouse that the threat was called into. Chadwin Rogers was charged on October 31st, 2023 with four misdemeanor counts of DUI as well as two citations for careless driving and driving on a suspended license stemming from an incident on September 7th of that year. His formal arraignment was scheduled that day for 1pm with Judge Angela Krom in the courthouse.

Chambersburg PD also crucially say that Jason and Chadwin conspired together to call in a bomb threat “so that Chadwin would not go to jail.” An interview with an unidentified individual, CPD say, informed officers that the phone Jason Rogers purchased that same day was the one that was called in the threat. Chadwin was then allegedly picked up by Jason Rogers after the threat was called in.

Chadwin Rogers is behind bars on Bail Denied in Franklin County. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Jason Rogers should contact PSP, Chambersburg PD, or 911.

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