Bail denied after an alleged drunken brawl in Shippensburg Walmart bathroom

06 October 2023- A man with no fixed address is denied bail after he allegedly fights another man in the Shippensburg Walmart’s bathroom. Alexander Michael Davidson is behind bars on charges of misdemeanor simple assault and summary counts of harassment, public drunkenness, and disorderly conduct engaging in fighting. Magisterial District Court Judge Paul Fegley of Cumberland County listed his reasoning for denying bail as Davidson being a “threat to others” and a flight risk.

PSP Troopers were dispatched to Walmart on Conestoga Drive in Shippensburg around 8:15pm on October 4th for a reported fight. When they arrived, police allegedly found the victim in the parking lot with significant bruising and redness of his eyes, face, and nose as well as having blood on his shirt.

The victim allegedly said the man now known to be Davidson punched him in the face multiple times and tried to poke his eyes. The altercation allegedly started in the bathroom after the victim tried to grab his belongings to apparently leave. Davidson then allegedly approached him, saying “it’s f***ing on”, before punching him. The fight was broken up by a Walmart employee, with Davidson leaving the store and walking east on Progress Drive.

Authorities caught up with Davidson, with him allegedly telling them that he had been drinking alcohol earlier inside of Walmart. He continued, reportedly telling police that he was in the bathroom using a stall when the victim told him to turn his phone down. When Davidson exited the stall and the victim was leaving, Davidson allegedly thought the victim was moving towards him and he struck first.

After numerous questions and allegedly admitting to being drunk, Davidson became irate and verbally uncooperative when he was finally put in cuffs.

Police specify that the victim remained on scene to talk to them through the process but Davidson attempted to flee upon PSP arrival to the area.

Alexander Davidson is behind bars in Cumberland County. His preliminary hearing is set for October 11th.

Sources: Incident No.: PA 2023-1304099, Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000326-2023