“Back the Blue” – Chambersburg Police will add a supervisory position

April 27 – Chambersburg Borough Council voted last night to accept an agreement with the police officer association to add another person to the Chambersburg Police Department who will be an inspector.

This person will not be a police union member and will be in a supervisory position.

Allen Coffman, Council Member for the First Ward, said, “If you look at an organizational chart, the lieutenant and this person yet to be named or interviewed would be inspector. They have the same level of power or responsibility.”

Jon Greenawalt is the operations lieutenant and the new position will have the responsibility of the body cameras which will likely be given to the police some time this year.

The request for the cams had been made a while ago and borough council approved it.

“It brings a tremendous amount of requirement for going through that footage,” Coffman said. “It’s got to be stored. So somebody has to monitor that, somebody has to be responsible for it and make sure that if that body cam footage is needed, it’s there. It needs to be managed.”

Ryan noted, “Our great police force set the pace for the state. Our police chief was invited to Harrisburg because we’ve got it so right in Chambersburg in the first place.”

Back the Blue. We’ve got good ones in Chambersburg.