Attention parents: these vapes are NOT good for your kids

August 25 – With back to school time under way, it’s important to keep in mind the safety of our children. 

One aspect that has seemingly taken over the young people today is vaping. 

These electronic cigarettes are devices that simulate smoking, but instead of smoke, users inhale vapor that is produced from the instrument. It typically runs on a battery and has an atomizer, and a cartridge filled with the liquid that creates the vapor. That liquid could include anything from nicotine, flavoring and more than 30 other chemicals. 

It’s not good, really for anybody, but especially not for growing children. 

The US Food and Drug Administration is warning parents of vapes called highlighter vapes. They apparently look like a highlighter marker. Some vapes are disguised as other things, like the strings on a hoodie. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “School people tell me these things are a real problem. Kids sneak into the bathrooms during the day and use these electronic e-pens, e-cigarettes as they call them in the bathroom. The companies that manufacture them are getting more and more clever all the time, disguising them as things that you would never suspect. I don’t know when this trend will stop. I am just struck at the number of these vape shops that seemingly keep popping up all over our area in Franklin County. I can only surmise from that, that they’re all busy. There must be a lot of money and a lot of profit in this, but I thought when this all came about years ago, was this just going to be a fad that would maybe die out, but yet a lot of the research shows that this is the one area that when you look at cigarettes and tobacco use, this vaping is the one area that seems to just keep expanding.”