Attention parents: be careful of the kidnapping scam going around

May 9 – Imagine how scary this would be as a parent:  you receive a call from the school district your child attends. 

When you answer it, you hear a child’s voice and then an adult reporting your child had been kidnapped from school property. 

Just reading those words, let alone hearing them from a school district number, is chilling. 

The situation is even more horrifying when you realize it’s all a scam. 

The West Shore School District in PA had this exact thing happen to a parent recently. Thankfully the parent remained relatively calm and contacted the school authorities and found out the whole thing wasn’t real. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “That scam is known as spoofing. You get a telephone call from a number or a source that appears to be legitimate, but it’s all a scam. There’s been a lot of investigations about that sort of thing. The takeaway from that story is as a parent, if you get a call or a text and it appears to be the school, and it’s something like this where they’re saying someone’s been kidnapped, odds are that it’s a scam. You need to do the old thing of trust, but verify. Call into the school, talk to someone to find out what’s going on. But the fact that the West Shore School District put out that announcement means they must have some concerns that this is happening.”