Assaults at South Mountain facility sends employees to hospital

30 November 2023- An 18 year old at South Mountain Facility is facing felony charges after an apparent assault on staff members earlier this year. Shikeem Jaquez Cole is awaiting arraignment following charges levied against him of felony assault by prisoner against an employee, felony aggravated assault against designated individuals, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor engaged in fighting, and summary harassment. Cole’s first felony and subsequent lesser charges are in reference to an incident on 10/22/23. The felony aggravated assault charge is related to a case from 10/20/23.

Officers from PSP’s Chambersburg barracks learned of an assault at the South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit in Quincy Township that allegedly occurred on October 22nd. Troopers spoke to a staff member at the facility who had recently been discharged from the hospital and had come to the Troop’s barracks in Scotland around 7:15pm that night.

The staff member allegedly told police that around 3:30pm that day he was called to help with an altercation in the facility’s Delta Unit. During that incident, the victim was allegedly attacked by a resident, now known to be Shikeem Cole. Police say that during the incident Cole punched the victim in the mouth, took them to the ground, then continued punching them repeatedly. This staff member was also reportedly assaulted by another co-defendant of Cole’s before he was removed from the situation. The victim was subsequently taken to Chambersburg Hospital and was treated for assault and multiple contusions.

Surveillance footage of the incident was reviewed by police, with the latter agreeing with the description of the series of events that the victim had described.

Shikeem Cole is currently awaiting arraignment by MDJ Rock. His appearance date is set for January 16th, 2024 for both cases.

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