As today’s winter storm moves through, watch where you’re parking in Washington Township!

06 January 2024- We WILL be getting a taste of winter this weekend. In To help ensure our road crews can take care of snow removal from Township roads, WTPD would like to remind residents of parking regulations specific to Washington Township!

• Parking is prohibited for all vehicles at all times in the turnabout ends of culs-de-sac in Washington Township.

• No vehicle shall be parked on either side of the street within 50 feet of the intersection of any two streets within Washington Township.

• No bus shall be parked on any public road within Washington Township.

• No trailer shall be parked on any public road withing Washington Township; however, there are exceptions for tradesman’s vehicles – See the link for the rules related to Tradesman’s vehicles.

• No truck-tractor, semi-trailer, or any vehicle with more than two axles shall be parked or stored in any R-1, R-2, or R-3 District, either on the public road or on private property.

Code of Washington Township, Franklin County: