Arrested & Charged

CHAMBERSBURG – On 3/7/21 at 1335 hours, Chambersburg Police responded to the area of 757 E Washington St for a large disturbance in the street.

Franklin County Communications advised they received multiple calls regarding a possible fight in that area. Officers arrived on scene and made contact with the victim who was hysterically yelling that the other party involved had just sped off. As police spoke with her and attempted to calm her it was noticed she had two large scratch marks across her neck and another abrasion to her forehead. The driver of the vehicle and the victim immediately advised that her ex boyfriend, Malcolm Staten and his three sisters, Shakira Staten, Laketta Staten, and Angela Douglas attacked her. The victim reported that Malcolm Staten had been arguing with her all day and following her around town. The victim further stated that within fifteen minutes of being at a friends house on East Washington Street, Malcolm Staten arrived with his sisters. The sisters attempted to rip her out of the vehicle there, while Malcolm was standing at the window saying “You’re going to get it”. The victim called 911 at the time and they initially backed off. As they began to leave the group then blocked her in from leaving and again exited their vehicles. Shakira, Laketta, and Angela ripped her out of her vehicle and began to physically assault her. The victim was face down on the ground while she was being punched and kicked. The victim also remembers her head being slammed against the sidewalk at least one time. Malcolm was present during the assault and watched as his sisters assaulted the victim. Officers observed multiple abrasions and scratches from the assault. The victim was transported to the Chambersburg Hospital by EMS. Police located Malcolm shortly after the incident and he admitted to being on East Washington Street. Malcolm was arrested and charged with Stalking and Simple Assault. The charges were later amended to include Riot, and Aggravated Assault. Police later received video of the incident and it showed four vehicles boxing in the victim’s vehicle and subjects exiting the vehicle and go after the victim’s vehicle. The video shows a coordinated effort to stop the victim’s vehicle and attack her. Charges were completed and warrants were requested for Shakira Staten, Laketta Staten, and Angela Douglas.