Arizona woman allegedly causes crash on Turnpike, found drunk and bleeding by Troopers

27 November 2023- Police are called to the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Franklin County overnight last week for a vehicle collision but it appears that it could have been much worse. Amanda Yvette Hayes is charged with misdemeanor DUI and is currently being held in Franklin County Jail on $50,000 bail.

Around 10:20pm on November 21st, PSP’s Turnpike station in Newville received a report of a vehicle crash in the area of mile marker 187.7, Metal Township, Franklin County. The report was initially made by a tractor trailer driver who said that a blue sedan was traveling east on the right shoulder at an extremely slow speed. That sedan, later determined to be a blue Tesla, eventually hit the truck as it drove past it.

Troopers were able to find the Tesla with NY plates driving very slowly on the right shoulder close to the fog line with no lights on it. Additionally, the vehicle reportedly had damage to the left side of it. Conducting a traffic stop, police then learned the driver was Amanda Hayes according to her Arizona license.

During the stop, police say that Hayes smelled very strongly of alcohol. When asked about what happened to the vehicle, Hayes reportedly denied knowing about the crash. Troopers were, however, able to observe not only a large amount of broken glass along the driver’s side door panel’s interior but also actively bleeding cuts to Hayes’ hand.

Hayes was asked by officers to step out of the vehicle, and in doing so she allegedly stumbled and staggered, collecting herself by holding onto the car. Due to dark and rainy conditions, police did not perform sobriety tests but instead took Hayes to Chambersburg Hospital on suspicion of DUI. Hayes, however, refused the legal blood draw requested by police.

Amanda Hayes was only involved in one known collision on the PA Turnpike. This could have been strikingly different, however, due to the conditions on the roadway at the time of Hayes’ arrest if she had not been pulled over.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39307-CR-0000263-2023Incident No.: PA 2023-1514720