Aren’t women the people who have babies? Why would we call them a birthing person? 

April 18 – With the Democrats in control of the Pennsylvania House with a one-seat majority, the legislation coming out of the Chamber is…kind of shocking – and incredibly “woke.” 

A recent maternal health bill in the PA House included language that implied you don’t have to be a woman to be able to get pregnant. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Jansen suggested, “I’m going to attribute all of this a lot to narrative living, which seems like Democrats are just doing right now. They’re living in a narrative. They will not acknowledge the true results of the policies that they’ve put into place, which are largely failing. Failing the economy, failing us as a society, dividing us more, more by race, more by other so called identities. Identity politics is killing this country in terms of division, but they won’t embrace any of that as being part of the results of their policy. So you’re seeing a lot of craziness in the House and now that they have a one vote majority, I think you said I’ve never voted no more in my entire life. And it’s not based on reasonable, logical disagreements on policy. It’s nuts.” 

Kauffman confirmed, “I did say I’ve never voted no more in my life. Some of them are resolutions. Just yesterday in the House Health Committee, I believe it was a maternal health bill, but they amended it because it’s not all about maternal health because in their strange world that they’ve created, the Land of Oz, other people can get pregnant too. You don’t have to be a woman. So they amended the resolution so that it wasn’t just my mothers. It was some bizarre terminology. But the reality is that our folks are taking it to task and bringing it to light if people are paying attention. I mean, it was brought out and Republicans voted against it because of the lack of reality placed in that resolution.”

Yesterday in the House Judiciary committee, the group was attempting to recognize April as Sexual Assault Violence Awareness month. 

Kauffman said, “But in the resolution, instead of just recognizing that as an issue and a month that we bring that to light, they had to recognize every category of people. They had to categorize Pennsylvanians into gays this, lesbians this, transgenders this. They went down this entire list of dividing Pennsylvanians instead of recognizing the issue as a problem as a whole. Then, of course, they did miss some of the most victimized groups that we see out there, which are those who are trafficked, because of course, trafficking…”

“You’d have to look at the southern border,” Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested. 

“Precisely,” Kauffman confirmed. 

Ryan said, “Oh, Joe’s southern border. You can’t do that, could you? They are just selling people outright here.” 

Kauffman said, “It’s just wholesale victimization coming across that border. It’s horrible.” 

“It’s evil,” Ryan insisted. “And Joe, sign yourself right up for it. There will be a big tab to pay one of these days. God help us.” 

Jansen pointed out, “They won’t recognize the real victims if it brings to light their policies, but then they’ll create a lot of victims so that we can have more laws, more regulations, more ways of hurting each other by dividing everybody into these victimized categories.” 

Ryan asked, “How do you have a conversation? I’d love to have a conversation on the radio station. I would love to have someone where this is, a mom and a birthing person and the pregnancy thing. Find one of those Representatives that’s arguing the other side. I would love to have some sort of reasonable conversation. Where do you base all of this in? Are you just trying to pander to, we learned a new term yesterday, AWFUL.” 

Jansen said, “Either the Affluent White Female Liberals or the Affluent White Female Urban Leftists.” 

Ryan said, “Who’ve got to be nice friends with their little clique and group and are dragging the men down with them who are just exhausted and are not standing up against this stuff here. So show me a birthing person argument.” 

Kauffman said, “What we’re finding in Harrisburg is that the two thirds of the Democrats who know this is crazy are held hostage, literally doing whatever the craziest third tells them to. They’re afraid of them. They’re afraid of the radicals coming after them, so they don’t stand up to them and that’s why we are where we are.”

Ryan suggested, “Well they should have a picture of their grandchild, or their granddaughter in front of them when they don’t stand up against this nonsense and against this small, loud minority and say you know what? We’re all for you. I’ll give you all the rights you want, but when you start going above and beyond the call to birthing persons.” 

Jansen noted, “People say oh, why are you being so picky? Let them have their language. No, that’s the problem. About 10 years ago we started letting them have this language and normalizing what is false. We do not assign sex at birth. We observe sex at birth and if you want to believe in this whole gender spectrum, you have every right. You can have your belief system, but that’s what it is. It’s a belief system not based on reality and not based in science, and you cannot force that on other people, which is what they’ve done.”

Kauffman said, “When you allow folks to live in their own reality, uncontested and then are told to affirm their alternative reality, that is we get to where we are today. Of course what are we told to do? We are told that if we don’t affirm these folks and their alternative reality, we are evil, we are horrible. We are racist.”

Ryan added, “And here we are today. Because of this, here we are. A birthing person. My own lived truth. Or cats being led around on leashes and litter boxes in schools.” 

Jansen wondered, “Why shouldn’t children identify as animals when they’re being told you can be whatever you want? And there is no standard. There is no part of reality like there are boys and girls. There are boys and girls.”

“How did we get here?” Ryan asked. 

Kauffman said, “We’re here because this conversation that we’re having right now is reflected in the resolutions and the legislation that the Democrats are pushing upon us in the state legislature, even though they have a one seat majority, which they are fighting hard to make sure they retain.”