Are Republicans really embracing mail-in voting?

February 17 – When it comes to mail-in voting, there’s a whole lot of controversy, mostly because of the remarkable chances for fraud that surround the event. 

But is it something that we need to begin to embrace if for no other reason than to make sure elections are fair in terms of the number of votes coming in? 

In a recent editorial, State Senator Doug Mastriano recognized the importance of the Republican Party embracing mail-in voting, as much as it pained him to say. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “The mail-in voting is here to stay and we know that it has a lot of problems, but I think it’s smart from a state party standpoint that they’re having these discussions that not only is it going to be accepted, but let’s go ahead and target some of these low propensity voters like the Democrats have done to try to boost turnout to win some of these statewide elections.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “The fact that Joe Biden got more votes than Barack Obama is a direct result of, let’s call it what it is, it was a strategy by the Democrats. They went from state to state trying to get them to increase the mail-in voting. Pennsylvania GOP legislators fell for it hook, line and sinker in 2019, despite the fact that some of us, myself included were saying this is a Democratic strategy. They desperately want mail-in voting. Why? Because they’re very good at harvesting votes and I’m not even talking about illegal harvesting. I’m talking about even legal harvesting. That’s why when you look at the numbers of mail-in voting, we have almost two months here to do it, which is absurd, to go out and get people who normally wouldn’t have the energy, attention or knowledge to go out and vote. When you can cajole and I’m not saying illegally, I’m saying when you can get those people then to put in a vote, of course you’re going to get a lot more votes. That’s what Democrats were counting on and the Republicans have to respond and do in kind if they plan to win any more elections.” 

The number of mail-in voters continues to increase every year in Pennsylvania. Apparently once people do it, they like it. 

Barkdoll added, “We know the problems with it. We have problems getting quick vote counts at the end of Election Day. That’s a big problem. If you’re a candidate for office, whether you’re a Republican, or a Democrat or an Independent, you would be foolish to walk away from this whole mail-in voting aspect of an election because more and more we’re showing the winner of the election is the one that wins the most mail-in votes.” 

Jansen said, “Let’s stop this nonsense about oh there’s no evidence that mail-in voting is bad. Really? Because in other countries around the world, that’s why France stopped it. The blue ribbon panel by Jimmy Carter said mail-in voting is the biggest opportunity for fraud so it is a risky way of voting. It does put people in doubt. We really should do away with it, but as long as we’re stuck with it, we’ve got to embrace it.”