Are interviews really true if the questions are pre-planned? 

July 8 – A story recently surfaced from two radio hosts – one in Philadelphia and one in Milwaukee – who said President Joe Biden’s campaign had sent them a list of prepared questions to ask the president during their interviews. 

Shouldn’t true journalists be allowed to ask any question they want? 

And, the bigger issue, shouldn’t a candidate for president be able to handle any question he’s asked? 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “We’re trying to prove Joe Biden has the mental chops, but then we send pre done questions? They are trying to manipulate what people are seeing now when we’re supposed to be being honest about whether this man has mental acuity or not.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “You look at the destruction and disease that Philadelphia has all over the place, and then you’re going to be used again and again and again by this party. The real story is not that she did the interview or they did the interview. The real story really would have been if you had the courage to push the White House under the bus and not do the interview, that would have been a story, but you did the interview, it already aired. The damage is already done, and now, just because everybody else is piling on, Joe Biden. There’s no story here. The courage would have been to push back. I’ve got my marching orders from my boss that I have to read these questions. Listen, it doesn’t matter if it’s John Joyce, Rob Kauffman, Doug Mastriano. There’s the good, bad and the ugly of me. Send me a question or two, knock yourself out. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stick to it at all. In fact, I’ve certainly made a couple of people very uncomfortable with some of the questions that we’ve done. Send me all you want. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stick to it at all, but they stuck to it.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “They stuck to it like a script. The irony is, Biden still flubbed the interviews, even though he knew what the questions were going to be in advance. Again, it was a reporter that recognized after both stations asked the identical questions, wait a minute, something is going on here. Both of those radio hosts did a joint interview over the weekend on CNN, and when asked about it, they admitted we were fed the questions in advance as a precondition to getting the president to appear on the program. Now on the Philadelphia station, that woman has been fired. The Milwaukee host they’ve kept on board. But to me, it’s just more of a reflection of how out of it this campaign is, and the fact that Biden still did not perform well in these interviews when he clearly knew what was coming, is that even a further suggestion that he’s not cognitively able to keep doing what he’s doing? It’s really outrageous.” 

Jansen said, “It’s more than a suggestion. I mean, this was a precondition to him going on? Black Americans, all Americans, can you not see how you are being manipulated into a narrative here? There should be outrage. There should be headlines on this, I see a few little muted reports. Really, the contrast in the media can’t be more stark than it is. This is ridiculous. Where’s the outrage again? Are they on the radio saying how horrible the Biden administration was for doing this? I doubt it.”

Ryan said, “The management said, no, that doesn’t meet our standards. And out she goes.” 

“After they were caught,” Jansen insisted. 

Barkdoll said, “That’s why they fired her, apparently. They’re saying that they were not involved and this is her program. She runs it. These are black stations, by the way. It’s called Urban talk is how they’re characterized and this station in Philadelphia is apparently very well known and she fessed up to it, but certainly you would hope, had management been aware of this in advance, they never would have allowed it to happen. Now, it’s not clear what happened on that Milwaukee station. Was management aware of it there, or was this, again, just the host out there, freelancing and didn’t tell management about it? He has not been fired at this point, the host of the Milwaukee station.”

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “It is mind blowing to think that there are media outlets out there that have gone along with this. Let’s not be fooled. This isn’t something that just started recently. This is the kind of stuff they’ve been doing for the last three and a half years, but now it’s actually okay to say it out loud for some reason.”

Ryan pointed out, “Yeah, but saying it out loud after you did the interview, after it already aired, after it’s blowing up in the Democrats’ face, and you think you’re being a hero to the people that you’re broadcasting to. The heroics would have been to call them out and what they’ve done to Philly and your own people and to say that, oh, we got the questions ahead of schedule, it’s too late. The interview already ran. It’s amazing if you get that audience back and help them understand that oh, we were good boys and girls and went along with it. No, you shouldn’t have done that in the first place. You should have called them out and then you shouldn’t have done the interview.”

Kauffman agreed, “The hypocrisy of the liberal media and the Democrat establishment just stinks in this entire situation, because there’s been this collusion for a long time, and the media, they honestly don’t know which way to turn. Okay, it’s safe to call it out. Oh, yeah, but we shouldn’t have done it in the first place. They just don’t get how horrible their hypocrisy looks to the average person in America, or even in Pennsylvania, because I know one of those outlets was in Pennsylvania, but this is the way they play. This is just the way they operate. But now, the veil’s being pulled back a little bit by a little bit and folks who consume this, if you want to call it news, they should be starting to understand what they’ve been consuming, and now you should know why some of your neighbors and your friends and those who consume this media are brainwashed because they’re consuming something that really has no integrity left to it.”