Stay in the Know – On The Go!

The NEWS TALK 1037FM new app now available for ALL your devices! Send this story to your phone and get started with the links to your app store of choice below.

Magnum Broadcasting’s, NEWS TALK 1037FM, Chambersburg, has launched an interactive app for the popular NEWS TALK 1037FM brand.

Stream all your favorites live from NEWS TALK 1037FM, including First News with Pat and Michele, where every morning you can hear discussions on local, national and international topics of importance to YOU.

Hear the Big Talk with attorney Clint Barkdoll every morning on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Don’t forget your afternoon favorites – Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Clay Travis & Buck Sexton.

Pat Ryan, Vice President and General Manager of Magnum Broadcasting explained, “this platform is a tremendous new way to connect and interact with community, local news, and much more.”

Available from both Apple and Google, the app offers a feature where users can shuffle between messaging, email, social media and phone calls with ease.

There’s no need to struggle finding other apps you use daily. You can keep NEWS TALK 1037FM streaming and send a text message or check email with a simple click right from a toggle switch at the bottom of the app.

Ryan said, “It’s one of the most robust, interactive applications for radio.” 

Best of all it’s FREE for users with our partners at Cumberland Valley Christian School.

What are you waiting for? Download the app today to your device and never miss a minute of any of your favorites while keeping up to date with the latest news, traffic and weather.

Click on the appropriate banner below to download: