Apparently the Chambersburg/Waynesboro area is a pretty nice place to live

July 21 – The Wall Street Journal and have released a combined study called the Emerging Housing Markets index.

In it, they rank the top three hundred housing markets out of, literally, thousands throughout the country.

They base the rankings on quality of life factors, real estate valuations, trend lines in different areas, amenities, tax burdens and more.

The Chambersburg/Waynesboro housing market is ranked 234 in the country.

Not too shabby.

Despite those who think otherwise.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, State Senator Judy Ward, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen talked about the ranking this morning on First News.

Barkdoll said, “That is a very high ranking. Again you take out of thousands of markets and we’re number 234 on that list. That is something that the area should be very proud of. We’re showing up on the radar of a lot of these big places and when you see a study like this come out there are a lot of people that look at these studies very carefully. Not only people in the business world for maybe opening a new business, but people just in the housing world, people that are looking to move to new places so it’s great news for anyone living in this area.”

Ward added, “The Chambersburg area is such a beautiful area. It’s picturesque. It’s got great people. It’s a good home town. It’s a good place to raise your kids. It’s got it all. I think that reflection that’s reflected in 234. That’s wonderful.”

Ryan pointed out, “an old email trail that references the area here in a historically conservative community like Chambersburg… history has shown that rural, conservative areas have fostered oppression, excluded and marginalized minority groups with their mainstream society. Oh the horror of rural Pennsylvania and rural America. But that doesn’t equate to some of the numbers you’re looking at right now.”

This rural, conservative area ranks 234 in the entire country.

Ryan quipped, “I don’t understand. How could that be? You mean people want to come to this area? It’s much like the southern border. I mean if we’re such a bunch of racists around here or around the country and we’re so rotten, why would people be bursting at the doors to get into Chambersburg, Waynesboro or into this country? It makes no sense to me. I’m scratching my head.”

Barkdoll chuckled, “It’s counterintuitive isn’t it? By the way, Billings, Montana, was the number one market on their list this year.”