Anthony Fauci is coming back to the stand today

June 3 – The US House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic will hear testimony from Anthony Fauci, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, today. 

Our own Congressman John Joyce sits on that committee. 

This is not the first time Fauci has been on the stand in these hearings. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “So many times these hearings just become for show. He has testified repeatedly. I mean, I just can’t imagine there’s much more meat on the bone, things that we’ve not already heard. You’re going to hear a lot of screaming from the panel about gain of function research, things that could have been handled better during COVID. Some of that, of course, is very valid, but it’s all stuff we’ve heard before. There’s been a little bit of new reporting the last few weeks questioning is this gain of function research? This is subsidies that the US government is providing to labs in China to do certain research, which a lot of scientists believe may have been the genesis of COVID and the Coronavirus. You’re going to hear that today. But Fauci has repeatedly addressed this in his prior testimony. So I don’t think much new will come out of this.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7 pointed out, “I think this is the first time he’s going to be testifying in public. I mean, that hasn’t happened before. So that will be, I think, interesting and make it more relatable. People are not paying attention to anything these days and you read the transcript of how he was interviewed before. 

Anthony Panasiewicz of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “I get that but the problem is it’s going to be whether it’s a Democrat, whether it’s a Republican on that dais, people are going to be looking for their six-second social media thing.” 

Jansen continued, “Of course, but still, hopefully there will be a moment at least where he’s actually put on the spot to actually have to address things. I would hope that would happen, at least for part of the hearing. Also, there’s that revelation of those emails, those hidden emails and the fact that they were hiding information that couldn’t be then sought by the public. I think that’s pretty big that’s come out since the last time Fauci was interviewed. I think this man has really done some real wrong to the country, trying to cover up his own maybe even implicate his own culpability in the whole thing in terms of covering up the gain of function research, because what fell out from that cover up, harmed a lot of people, all this nonsense about what well it wasn’t that lab and everybody’s searching for what was the source of this? When it looks like the gain of function was the source of this and then how much the NIH and the other organization participated in that and Fauci and his buddies trying to cover up that connection because they didn’t want to be associated with any kind of culpability, I think it is a problem. The fact that stuff was ongoing with more taxpayer money put into it even after this event happened. Now it stopped, but it wasn’t stopped back then. Then some of the nonsense junk science that supposedly, oh, you couldn’t quite ask a question about kids being kept out of schools, or different businesses and churches being shut down. If you did, you were killing people. You are a murderer or you are horrible. Well, now we’re finding out a lot of the so called science behind these decisions didn’t exist and I would really like to hear his answers out loud on the record for people to see him answering just the six foot distance thing, totally made up, had no evidence or very little evidence that that was going to make a huge difference. Look at how that affected, look at all the money, all the taxpayer money poured into the little tags and the plexiglass which it turned out trapped more stuff. Some people in their head still think this is real and how about masking? I would love for him to explain the quote unquote science or lack thereof.” 

Panasiewicz said, “I was walking around Carlisle this weekend in a giant field with a ton of people, just open air, and people were still wearing masks out there.”

Jansen said, “They do not know that the master is unnecessary unless you have a particular issue. They’re unneeded in terms of protecting you from COVID, especially outdoors.” 

Barkdoll said, “He’s been retired for several years now and presumably is still active in science. He’s almost 84 years old too, by the way, and all these are valid issues, and I think you’re right, this is the first time he’s testified in the House, but he’s testified repeatedly before the Senate. There’s all those clips of him and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz shouting at each other and you’re going to see some of that today. I think some of that is sometimes designed for campaign issues, but like with those Senate hearings, nothing ever comes out of it. There’ll be a lot of wheels spinning today and Fauci will back up a lot of the things he thinks are correct, the House members, they’ll be equipped with all kinds of data to counter him but it just seems like nothing ever moves off the dime on this. Remember, too, when he retired, he was the highest paid federal employee. Think about how large the federal bureaucracy is. He was number one in the entire federal system and presumably, would also therefore be the number one pension recipient in the entire federal government system.”

Panasiewicz asked, “This panel in the House at least, what kind of role does it have moving forward? What can they realistically do? We can talk about all of this research and everything like that until we’re blue in the face but what can they actually do and change?”

“Nothing, really,” Barkdoll confirmed. “I mean, they have budget authority. They could certainly affect the budgeting of that office that Fauci oversaw within NIH. They can make referrals if they think there was criminal activity, they can refer that to the DOJ, which will go nowhere. So they’re kind of limited. Now of course, one could argue just bringing these issues to the public’s attention is very important and very valuable. That’s a key issue, but it’s really the budget, the purse strings are their main function here and they could withhold funding in theory, if they feel that these gain-of-function research activities are still going on.”