Another woman arrested following $17,700+ theft from Chambersburg Ulta Beauty

12 June 2023- Another woman is arrested following the theft of over $17,000 from a Chambersburg Ulta Beauty store last year. Doneisha Sharron Anderson of Baltimore, Maryland, is free on an unsecured bail of $25,000 after being charged with felony retail theft and felony receiving stolen property. Anderson’s retail theft charge was elevated to a felony due to the alleged theft in question being over $1,000.

On July 13th, 2022, PSP-Chambersburg Troopers were dispatched to the Ulta Beauty store on Lincoln Way East, Guilford Township, for a reported retail theft. According to investigators, four black women entered the store around 1:53pm that day and began quickly grabbing fragrances and cosmetics from shelves and putting them into reusable shopping bags. The women allegedly didn’t seem to have product discernment when going through the store, just grabbing anything indiscriminately. Around 1:55pm, the women left the store without paying and fled in a black Nissan Altima.

According to Ulta Beauty representatives, police learned the total loss sustained from the alleged theft was $17,712.50.

On July 23rd of 2022, PSP-Chambersburg Troopers became in contact with PSP-Gettysburg Troopers, with the latter allegedly saying that they had been working closely with retail investigators about a similar rash in crimes. Chambersburg Troopers were again contacted by their Adams County counterparts on March 22nd of 2023, with them allegedly determining that one of the four women on camera was Doneisha Anderson. Anderson was previously arrested by PSP for her involvement in a retail theft from the same Ulta Beauty location on August 18th of the same year.

Troopers were in contact with a retail investigator from Ulta Beauty the next day, with this investigator allegedly giving them pictures of Doneisha Anderson at various other retailers. In multiple pictures, Anderson was wearing the same cheetah print shower cap they saw as the suspect in the July 2022 theft.

Anderson is free on an unsecured bail of $25,000. Her preliminary hearing is set for June 27th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000092-2023, Incident Number: PA 2023-902905