Another SCAM WARNING as Washington County Sheriff warns of a new “warrant scam”

20 May 2024- It seems like you won’t be able to go more than a week or two before seeing another SCAM ALERT taking advantage of either the elderly, ill informed, or just those who are moving too fast. It now looks like the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland and YOU are the victims of a new “warrant scam”.

WCSO say that the scammers are pretending to be SGT WARD for the Sheriff’s Office. They do, however, assure you that SGT Ward is not calling and asking for your money to avoid a warrant!

Scammers say and do things that can tell us they’re lying and are not who they pretend to be. Of course, to hear or see those clues, we must get past the panic scammers make us feel, thanks to the so-called emergencies they try to create. And since scammers are convincing, that can be hard to do. However, recent scams cost people their life savings, so here are some sure ways to spot scammers.

Things only scammers will say:

“Act now!” That’s a scam. Scammers pressure you to act quickly, leaving you no time to think.

“Only say what I tell you to say.” That’s a scam. The minute someone tells you to lie to anyone — including bank tellers or investment brokers — stop. It’s a scam.

“Don’t trust anyone. They’re in on it.” That’s a scam. Scammers want to cut you off from anyone who might slow you down.

“Do [this], or you’ll be arrested.” That’s a scam. Any threat like this is a lie.

“Don’t hang up.” That’s a scam. If someone wants to keep you on the phone while you go withdraw or transfer money, buy gift cards, or anything else they’re asking you to do: that’s a scammer. DO hang up.

And here’s a list of things that only scammers will tell you to do:

“Move your money to protect it” is a scam. Nobody legitimate will tell you to transfer or withdraw money from your bank or investment accounts, but scammers will.

“Withdraw money and buy gold bars” is a scam. Always. Every time.

“Withdraw cash and give it to [anyone]” is a scam. Doesn’t matter who they say: it’s a scam. Don’t give it to a courier, don’t deliver it anywhere, don’t send it. It’s a scam.

“Go to a Bitcoin ATM” is a scam. Nobody legitimate will ever insist you get cryptocurrency of any kind, and there’s no legitimate reason for someone to send you to a Bitcoin ATM.

“Buy gift cards” is a scam. There’s never a reason to pay for anything with a gift card.

If you see or hear any version of these phrases, you’ve just spotted a scammer. Instead of doing what they say, stop. Hang up. Delete the email. Stop texting. Block their number—anything to get away from them.