An update of Franklin County’s Comprehensive Plan will be presented to the commissioners tomorrow

March 21 – Every ten years, the Franklin County Commissioners create a comprehensive plan for the county. 

It’s up for renewal this year. 

Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery said, “Through very contentious times here we have to be very, very careful how this plan’s developed and what it says about Franklin County and our vision for the next ten years.” 

The public engagement process has already happened and the information has been compiled. 

The plan is currently in the final development stages and there will be two public review sessions before the commissioners will consider adopting the plan. 

The planning director will be presenting an update on the plan for the commissioners tomorrow. 

Flannery said, “I think we’re looking at July and August it will be out there for public review.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I have a question because once that is way into July because this is what I got from the borough when they were doing theirs that really bothered me. They said oh well yeah, we’ve done it and now we’d like some public comment, but it’s essentially done and it would cost us too much to change it at this point. What’s the point of getting public comment if it’s going to cost too much to change it at that point? Are we looking at a similar situation here or not?” 

Flannery said, “If there is public comment that’s justified, the commissioners can make any decision to change it as needed. I think we have until the end of the year to adopt it. I take all public comment very seriously.”

There are 155,000 residents in Franklin County and maybe 500 participated in compiling information for the comprehensive plan. 

Jansen said, “That’s the problem with these things. We’re not engaged enough to actually get a real reflection and the public doesn’t understand how it’s going to be impacted until after it’s all done and then they’re like wait what happened?” 

Flannery said, “We were in almost every community. We’ve done virtual. We had numerous opportunities for the public to get engaged.” For tomorrow’s agenda with the Franklin County Commissioners, click here: