An interesting invitation was made to Chambersburg Borough Council last night

April 23 – The Chambersburg Borough Council met last night at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers, where the agenda was light, but business was interesting. 

The Chambersburg Fire Department made an invitation to mayor and council. 

Allen Coffman, borough council president, said, “Scott McNew, he’s the president of the fire union here in Chambersburg, he came and everyone on council including the mayor got an invitation to this event that they’re having on the 1st of June. It’s called Fire Ops 101 and I thought it was unusual. I don’t remember any time where the union ever came before council before and offered something like this. So I think it was well received. My game plan right now is to attend.” 

The idea of the event is to put council members in fire gear and possibly even fight a fire, with oxygen masks and everything. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “How unique is that? The community can do ride-alongs with the police department. There’s some things you have to go through there, but the police department is very interested in that transparency layer here. I’ve got to give the chief and the union leader some real good kudos here to bring in some people that have a direct impact on some of the decisions that are being made on behalf of the community.” 

Coffman agreed, “I think it was a nice gesture, certainly on their part. I think we’re probably going to see some pretty good participation with that.”

Last night, a donation was accepted from the Sons of the American Legion for a new police canine dog. 

Coffman said, “They had a really great turnout. Their commander Frank Hernandez showed up with a bunch of people that he works with there and they had the ceremonial check and the whole nine yards and they even went into the photo ops. So that was $17,425 toward getting a new police dog to replace Mattis. So, it’s a big deal I think, a good photo op, a lot of pictures taken, a lot of smiling, a lot of happy people with the police department, too. So everybody had their chance to make comments. I wanted to hear comments. This is a big deal because when these police dogs go into retirement, we certainly need a replacement and they are worth their weight in gold.”

How long will it take for the new police dog to come to Chambersburg? 

Coffman said, “They have a source that they’ve gone to I think for years now to provide replacement dogs there somewhere north of us, not up to Harrisburg, but somewhere in that area. I’d say four to six weeks we probably would have the dog. Now he won’t be trained by then, but I would imagine they’ll probably have one picked out in four to six weeks. I’m not sure about that. I’m just making what I think is a good guess.” 

Two items that were on the consent agenda got pulled off for a separate discussion last night. 

Coffman explained, “The one was the request to rename what has been known as Roy Pitz Avenue to change the name to Milso Avenue. That was going to be referred to Planning and Zoning but due to a vote that was taken, we did not refer that to Planning and Zoning. We are not changing the name of it. I remember when we changed it to Roy Pitz, it was called Light Alley. It had been called that for years and years and years. It was changed I guess to as I remember to sort of put the place on the map. It was a warehouse there, it became Roy Pitz. It’s now part of history and I think that was a way most of council looked at it, not to change it because Roy Pitz is now part of history, just like a lot of other street names here in Chambersburg.” 

The second consent agenda item was about an alley. 

Coffman said it was a “request from Bethel Assembly of God on Miller Street to vacate an alley. The alley is known as Swan Court. It happened that we had two people who own homes that the rear for their homes is on that particular court there and they are definitely against it. So as it ended up, it was a motion to table it until the church came up with a definite plan of what they were going to do if that alley became vacated. That was the thing that was a mystery to me. You want to vacate the alley but you aren’t saying that you aren’t going to close it off. So the main reason for vacating an alley is for somebody to use it for something else. They weren’t very clear about that. It was something in the future but it was there. So I think the idea of holding off until we have a plan from the church is a good one.” 

With today being Primary Day, Coffman reminded everyone, “don’t forget to vote.”