America’s Mayor joins Colonel on the Call before his appearance in Scotland today

May 15 — Rudy Giuliani took some time with News Talk 103.7FM Friday with the Colonel on the Call show to say hello to Franklin County and talk about current issues.

State Senator Doug Mastriano has brought American’s Mayor to our area and they spoke with Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen.

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Mastriano said the same thing about Rudy and Donald Trump: they are both one of us.

“No wonder they get along so well,” Mastriano said. “There’s no airs about them. What you see is what you get. They’re the real deal. I work with politicians and I see how they act behind the scenes and then when the public’s watching them and some of these people, it’s really creepy, but those two are not.”

Jansen believes, “People are very, very hungry for that. They just want to see the real deal. They want to know who you are. Most people are very generous in terms of accepting folks, but their hackles go up when they feel they’re just being conned.”

Giuliani said, “Let me express my appreciation and admiration for the Senator. Because he did something for us that was a breakthrough.”

In terms of the investigation into election fraud, Mastriano got people to listen.

Giuliani explained, “We had been trying for weeks to just get somebody to hear the evidence. We all had the same experience. They wouldn’t listen to a single, darn witness. Will you listen to the four or five people that watched them cheating, that watched them telling people you’ve gotta vote for Biden? Or watched them take votes and assign them to people that are dead, to people that have moved out of the state. We had witnesses like that and nobody would hear the witnesses.”

He continued, “I wasn’t going around saying things I made up. They could be telling the truth or they could be lying, but they got to be heard. I must have 300 or 400 witnesses from four main states. Here. Michigan. Arizona and Georgia. Wisconsin also.”

And all the states seemingly had no connection.

Giuliani pointed out, “The funny thing about it that always troubled me as an ex-prosecutor, each of these states were very separate from each other, (but) they followed the same pattern. It came time to look at the mail-in ballots, they all sat down to look at the mail in ballots. Each one of them that morning when the Republicans showed up for the first time ever, saw that there were guard rails outside and pens inside. Pens like you put cattle in. Republicans weren’t allowed inside those pens.”

And they were standing twenty or thirty feet away from what they were supposed to be witnessing.

“I used to be a poll watcher,” Giuliani said. “And what you do is…you never do it alone. The law requires that you have…your guy there and your opponent has his guy there…but here we had been just totally excluded. The point I’m trying to make is in Philadelphia, in Pittsburgh, in Detroit, in Milwaukee, in Minneapolis, in Phoenix, in Las Vegas and in Atlanta — that’s eight cities — each one of thee guys came up with that idea on his own? Didn’t somebody have to call around and say we’re doing it a little different today so the Republicans don’t see a damn thing?”

Ryan marveled, “Isn’t it amazing that there wasn’t a bigger stink put up on the other side — it was as if they knew that this was going to just happen. There wasn’t a push back.”

Jansen added, “We have Time Magazine reporting ‘The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that saved the 2020 election’ — a bunch of liberal groups and they came out and admitted it — this is not me making this up, this is them telling the story, very proud to tell the story, of how they coordinated their efforts and a lot of money and the social media giants were involved in this as well. This was legitimate.”

In terms of the recent FBI raid of Mr. Giuliani’s house, it was interesting that the FBI only wanted certain computers.

There were two hard drives that Mr. Giuliani told the FBI were Hunter Biden’s hard drives.

They didn’t want those — even though the warrant included computer equipment.


Giuliani said, “Now think about this. They took my word for it. I’m the big criminal that they’re searching. They took my word for it. If I had to search somebody, break down the door of their house, at 6 o’clock in the morning, I’m not going to take their word. That could have been Vladimir Putin!”

Jansen noted, “There seems to be inconsistencies all over the place, from the media, from the way intelligence agencies are approaching this.”

Giuliani said, “I’m a lawyer. I know the Foreign Agent Registration Act. I’ve been doing security business. I’ve been in over 90 countries. My business is largely international. I know that law. I don’t do that kind of work. I do security work. I come in and I advise you in your country how to fix the security. I don’t do work to effect the United States government. But I know people will try to cause that problem. I put it right in my contract that I’m not a foreign agent. So for me to register as a foreign agent, that’s a lie. While I was representing President Trump at least on four occasions, people wanted me to do something that was close to that and I referred it to another lawyer and I have the records of that. Honestly, I don’t break the law. I was the third ranking official in the justice department. You think I’m going to break the law? I’m not stupid.”

Ryan asked where does everything stand now?

“I hope I’m going to be able to convince them that there’s nothing there” Giuliani said. “They’ve been investigating for two and a half years. I either did or didn’t not file. It doesn’t take two and a half years to investigate this stuff. That’s a little bit in the nature of harassment don’t you think?”

Jansen pointed out, “There’s been more of these prosecutions in the last three years than the last half century.”

Giuliani added, “The other thing I found out afterwards, the next day my lawyer calls up to figure out how to get my property back. I call it an investigation in search of a crime the day I started representing him (Donald Trump) and that’s terrible. It is in the rearview mirror however history also requires that we find out about it. Suppose there was major fraud even in one state that was so large that it could affect the election, shouldn’t we know about that so it doesn’t happen again? I’d tell you one thing it would do it would prevent passing this law they want to pass, HR 1. What they’re trying to do is all the things that I believe they cheated with, they want to institutionalize it now.”

It’s possible some of the ballots could have been fake.

Giuliani said, “Here’s one of the major things I believe is they put in phony paper ballots. Here in Pennsylvania there’s no way in the world he lost 750,000 votes with 65% of the vote in. We’ve gone to statisticians. We’ve got five of them saying that that is totally impossible to make up that many votes. Of the remaining votes, Biden got 98%. That’s ridiculous. You don’t get 98% of the vote. Here’s the problem. Right now in most places you have to sign the mail-in ballot. Even with that they were able to cheat. They put the Republicans in the pens because they were afraid to let the Republicans see the ballots. The ballots are screwed up. But you still have to sign. They want to pas a law so you don’t have to sign a mail-in ballot. You just send it in. Anybody could send it in. People who are not going to vote, could take there ballots and sell them to me or to you and then we could fill it out 40 times for our candidate and there would be no way to check that. Now who would want to do that except somebody who wanted to cheat? That has nothing to do with holding back the access of black people or white people or any people. It has to do with making sure no people vote 45 times.”

Another issue is purging the voter roll.

“They don’t want you to purge the voter roll,” Giuliani said. “You can’t take out of the voter roll people who are dead, people who have moved. Why? Because they vote people that are dead, people who have moved. (HR 1) could be the most dishonest, dishonorable piece of legislation ever passed.”

Jansen spoke with someone on the issue recently and “finally said why don’t we go ahead and give them everything they want in that, except that we have to have voter ID?”

In Atlanta, 98% of the population already has IDs. It means you’d only have to figure out how to help 2% of the people.

Giuliani pointed out, “You need photo ID to get welfare, so how are poor people hurt? In fact, we should help them get IDs so they can get the welfare. It would be a kind thing to do to make sure they can get the welfare. My purpose is to help free certain states. I believe Pennsylvania needs help to be free. I think since the pandemic started, you’ve been living under a certain from of dictatorship by governors who have, I call it, autocratic instincts. It’s like they can’t do it moderately.”

Things have also been slipping in New York City.

Giuliani said, “It was hard to screw up the city. I worked on it for eight years. I brought crime down 65%. I cut the unemployment number in half. I got us to a surplus. I got 600,000 people off welfare, 500,000 had jobs. Then Bloomberg took over. He was a good mayor. I always respected the fact that on the big issues, particularly Ray Kelly, his commissioner, damn good police commissioner, kept the city safe.”

For 16 of the 20 years Giuliani ran the city, it was the safest large city in America.

“Last two years in a row, we’ve set records for increase in homicides,” Giuliani said. “No mayor ever has had such large increases in murder in one year that this guy has had. Cuomo bears responsibility for this too. If you combine his no bail law with de Blasio’s pro-criminal and almost like war on the cops attitude, they are responsible for the 45% increase in homicide. We had 100% increase in shootings. I have police officers in New York coming up to me and asking me to explain it to them. I said I’m going to give you my explanation. Any guy who went to Cuba on his honeymoon and then went to help the Sandinistas, somehow he doesn’t like this country. He’s got some kind of animosity to the United States.”

It raises the question: could the Democrats be working toward socialism in this country?

“It’s almost now completely provable that they’re following the Marxist grift for bringing down a government,” Giuliani said. “You attack the educational system. You attack the country’s heroes. You take away their history. You make them hate their country. They’re taking our children and they’re trying to make our children hate our country.”

Ryan asked, “How do we turn it around?”

Giuliani gave a one word answer: VOTE.

“We’ve gotta get Republicans in,” Giuliani said. “Doug is one of the kinds of people we’ve gotta get in. Tough. Strong. Very pro-American. The basic values that Trump had. America first. What’s wrong with America first? It makes no sense to not put your country first. The reality is your country should be the first priority. Obviously for Biden, for Kerry, for Obama, it’s not. I don’t even know if we’re a priority. Israel is in a war right now. They’ve been attacked by a terrorist group that teaches their children to kill them and us. And we’re ambiguous about it?”

And when you add in the new ideology sweeping the nation, you have to wonder about the future.

“Now it’s America is systemically racist,” Giuliani said. “America’a racism can’t be washed out. It’s like the concept of original sin in Christian theology. We just came back from Gettysburg. How many white men are buried there in order to free black people? A lot. So don’t tell me we’re racist. Did we have racism? Yes. Did we actually have Americans die in order to stop it? Not just black Americans, white Americans? Yes. And are we systemically racist? No. If we systemically racist we would be an evil country. Systemically racist means that most of us are racist. If most of America’s racist, we’re an evil country. I don’t even know why you’d want to be president of it.

Mastriano and Giuliani were able to connect a few days before Thanksgiving last year in Gettysburg at a public hearing about election fraud.

Giuliani said, “One of the first allegations we received was that the Republican inspectors were being shut out for being able to watch the county of the mail-in ballots. You can’t do that. i’ve seen mail-in ballots counted for thirty years. If it isn’t properly inspected, it’s an invalid vote.”

People hadn’t seen anything like it. They just kept counting vote, whether Republicans were able to inspect them or not. At least 100,000 votes were counted and the other side never got a look at them.

“They went to court, they lost the first time” Giuliani remembered. “They got an order to be able to get up close and the sheriff wouldn’t enforce the order to give them enough time go up to a higher court and get it reversed. All by Democrat judges. So here’s my thought. The Democrats didn’t do it everywhere. They picked out five or six cities that they own. They picked a place where they control the courts, they control the bureaucrats, they control the counters, they control everything. Even when the sheriff gets an order, the sheriff holds you up for two hours so they get a chance to get the order countermanded.”

Jansen said, “Then we find out Zuckerberg put a lot of money into these precincts where there were problems and was very insistent you have to do things the way I want you to or you will not get this money.”

Ryan wondered, “Why hasn’t someone said here’s a bigger dollar to turn all of you in? Why isn’t there that rat out there that will go you know what? I’ve done something terrible. Joe Biden is making a dumpster fire and the country is turning straight to hell.”

Giuliani said, “There’s not enough pressure. I only got people to turn when there was tremendous pressure. Right now there’s no pressure for anybody to rat. People who told the truth all lost their jobs. We had so many witnesses. If you look at the hearing in Georgia. Georgia probably had the most witnesses. They proved about eight different ways that the election was rigged including a video tape of their stealing votes. Right on television you can see these two people stealing the votes and you see these two people later fooling around with flash drives, which you’re not supposed to be able to use on these machines, except we have video of them being used on these machines.”

Jansen said, “We never got a full adjudication. That’s all people really wanted. Reassure us that this is a sound election. Let us have our day in court.”

Giuliani said, “They did have hearings. We do have it on record. And it’s still going on in Arizona. That’s the same case that began six months ago. And now Dominion is refusing to give the passwords. Why would you do that? A voting machine should be pretty simple. A voting machine should be a counting machine. You register the vote and you can’t change it. If you have to make changes, they should be done by affidavit. You shouldn’t be able to manually change it. I know you can manually change this machine.”

Jansen said, “There are just so many unanswered questions. All we really wanted was a good, sound look at this so people could be reassured but we never got that.”

Giuliani added, “And the reason to do it now is to make sure we don’t do it again and to make sure we don’t put a law into effect that makes it worse. If my instincts are right that we’re headed for a socialist government, a socialist government is a one-party government. I wouldn’t put it past them to be thinking we don’t need these Republicans. What do we need Republicans for?”

Mr. Giuliani will be speaking this morning at Scotland campus thanks to Senator Doug Mastriano, who Mr. Giuliani says is a “real hero. He’s an exceptional guy. And I think President Trump agrees.”