America’s Mayor is coming to Franklin County

CHAMBERSBURG — Rudy Giuliani will come to Scotland Campus on Saturday, May 15 from 10 a.m. to noon as a fundraiser for State Senator Doug Mastriano.

More information on the event can be found here.

The only media in attendance will be News Talk 103.7Fm and Michele Jansen will assist in the proceedings.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll talked with Jansen and Pat Ryan on First News about Giuliani’s visit.

“One thing I’m really curious about for Saturday, there’s some chatter that Doug could tease his gubernatorial run,” Barkdoll said. “If that happens, might Rudy’s remarks revolve around the idea of a candidate for governor Doug Mastriano and what that would mean for Pennsylvania?”

If that announcement is not made, Barkdoll predicts the remarks may revolve around agenda items.

“People remember him more recently for his involvement in the Trump administration and the legal battles but he has a long history of policy achievements in New York City,” Barkdoll said. “I think you may hear him talk about here are ways I fought crime in New York City. Here are ways I addressed housing issues in the city. I think that would be very interesting and very relevant for state policy.”

Jansen added, “People do forget. It’s a shame. He was called America’s Mayor for a reason. He cleaned up the city and New York was a disaster — all the things it almost seems to be getting back to today. It would be very interesting to ask him what he thinks of what’s happened to New York City now and what should be the things moving forward. There may have been some missteps in the way they went about cleaning up the city, but at the same time, people of all races and people of all backgrounds were begging for help and he did it. There was great accomplishments. New York became the jewel of the country again under him.”

That was in stark contrast to New York under Mayor David Dinkins.

Barkdoll recalled, “It was to the point that you couldn’t even go to Times Square as a tourist under Mayor Dinkins. It was a dangerous place. It was full of crime and homeless people. Giuliani got in there and cleaned that place up, revived the city economically, businesses were booming. He did a lot for New York City and of course he was the mayor during the 911 attack and he was roundly praised for the way he handled the rebuilding of New York City after 911.”