Almost 4,000 children being housed in metal pods at the border

March 16 – The border crisis – and it is a crisis – is seeing at least 100 people a day cross the Rio Grande River between Texas and Mexico and this should all be laid at Joe Biden’s feet.

A Congressional delegation as well as a host of media outlets went to the border recently and actually saw the results of the border crossings and it’s not pretty.

While some adults trying to cross are being turned back, the children are not and it’s on the United States government to figure out what to do with the rather alarming numbers.

FEMA has been dispatched. Space to house the children is gone. Emergency shelters are being constructed.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the issue today and Congressman John Joyce touched on the issue as well during his visit.

“There seems to be no end in sight,” Barkdoll said. “There seems to be no plan in place to cut this off.” In addition to the numbers of people, COVID is coming across, too. 

“What we are seeing right now is there are COVID-positive individuals coming across our borders,” Joyce said. “Despite what the White House and President Biden want you to think, there is still a growing humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border.”

The Dallas Convention Center will be home to 3,000 of the children and more are going to be sent to Richmond, Va., as well.

Ryan added, “This a mess and it didn’t need to be this way. All you’ve got is folks that are ringing their hands and think they know what they’re doing. It takes a hard decision. It takes an adult in the room and they’ve done the country a huge disservice.”

In addition to the serious housing situation and disease being introduced into the country from this, it’s jarring the lack of fair and balanced reporting by the media.

Jansen pointed out, “The media certainly are not covering this the same way they covered anything that happened when Trump was president. When are we going to start demanding that people do their jobs and not just try to go down a narrative road constantly?”

Cages for migrant children were built during the Obama/Biden administration and now Biden has introduced pods. Literal, metal pods with metal windows that someone painted butterflies on the inside of and that’s where the kids are housed. They sleep on cement floors and shower once a week. 

“You Biden voters, nice job,” Ryan said. “Everything was well under control. Now we have to educate them, feed them, cloth them and what’s happening to your own kids and your own grandkids? It’s a disgrace what this president and his administration are doing on the southern border.”

Tuberculosis is coming across.

Drug cartels are getting rich from the migration.

Girls are getting raped on the border

Human traffickers are seeing an opening to move their “business.”

Joyce noted, “They paid attention to the very lax policies that Biden brought to Washington and his rhetoric has brought consequences.”

“This is on Joe Biden,” Ryan agreed.

Also, the Mexican government is blaming Joe Biden for what’s going on in their country.

And we’re seeing an increase in overdose deaths right here in Pennsylvania because of the drugs coming across the border.

Jansen said, “It’s turning into a catastrophe. The immigrants are suffering. People on the border towns are suffering. We’re told all the time about how dangerous COVID is and the variants that could be coming from other places.”

Some Democrats who represent Texas and Arizona are beginning to hear from their constituents the crisis of border security, Joyce said. 

Joyce added, “From day one you’ve heard me say it. I’ve been a firm supporter of border security. And I’ve been a firm supporter of President Trump’s border wall. We know that President Trump worked so hard to add additional miles to this border wall. We still need them. There’s no question in my mind about it. And right now? We might need them even more.

We can’t afford to look the other way. We can’t afford to look past the gang violence, the human trafficking, the illegal drugs that continue to pour across our southern border, pour into our communities. We can secure the border while encouraging a legal pathway to citizenship.”

“The problem with the children is particularly acute because this presents a management problem for the government,” Barkdoll said. “If those children are staying here on a permanent basis, the government will need to make accommodations related to these children from health care to schooling to lodging to day to day type things and there’s no real solution for it. It’s going to get very, very expensive for the government.”

Actually it’s going to be very, very expensive for the tax payers and their children and grandchildren, not to mention what it will do to our schools.

And with no end in sight, it’s difficult to say what the future of this country will be with Biden in charge for the next four years.