Alleged assault on a jail guard leads to more charges for Chambersburg woman

02 April 2024- A Chambersburg woman already behind bars on DUI charges is now facing more after allegedly assaulting a Franklin County Jail guard. Amy Marie Louden is charged with felony aggravated assault against designated individuals, misdemeanor assault, and summary harassment. Louden continues to be behind bars but now on $50,000 bail.

Chambersburg based PSP Troopers were dispatched just about 8pm on March 30th to the Franklin County Jail for an assault on a corrections officer. That officer spoke to the Troopers, reportedly telling them that during an incident he was struck in the face by Louden.

According to Troopers, Louden was brought out of her cell and asked to take a shower. Being told that it was not the right time to take a shower, Louden allegedly became agitated and she began slamming its door multiple times and yelling. The officer then entered Louden’s cell to see what the problem was, to which Louden sat at her bed before ultimately getting up and punching the guard in the face. She was quickly detained without further incident.

Louden was interviewed by PSP soon after, with them saying she told them she suffers from “mental health” and that she was upset she couldn’t take a shower. She reportedly admitted to punching the officer.

Amy Louden was previously listed as being behind bars in Franklin County starting March 25th, pursuant to charges of 2nd offense DUI on a controlled substance. She continues to behind bars now, specifically on those newest of charges.

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