After Menendez bribery scandal, bill introduced to internally sanction Senators accused of national security crimes

08 November 2023- Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman on Thursday introduced a new resolution that proposes several important safeguards against senators who are indicted for serious offenses like mishandling classified information, being charged as a foreign agent, or compromising national security.

“When you find gold bars stuffed in a mattress, the jokes write themselves. But our national security isn’t funny, it’s often life or death,” said Sen. Fetterman. “The Senate has an obligation to its constituents and this country to do everything it can to protect national security, and that means making sure that senators who are currently indicted for acting as agents of foreign powers don’t have access to our most sensitive national secrets. If an indicted senator doesn’t have the guts or basic decency to step down, the Senate must act to protect national security and the institution itself.”

The resolution would strip any senator facing these charges from their committee assignments, prohibit them from accessing classified information or classified briefings, and prohibit the ability to request earmarks or use official funds for international travel.

A full copy of Sen. Fetterman’s resolution is here.