After escaping police chases twice, a man is caught by PSP, FCSO following dangerous midday chase through Shippensburg

24 August 2023- A man wanted by PSP, Chambersburg PD, and Susquehanna Twp PD is finally behind bars in Franklin County after police manage to execute a PIT maneuver following a chase down W King and Lurgan Avenue on Wednesday. Francisco Gallegos Olvera Jr is charged in his most recent case with felony fleeing an officer, felony flight to avoid apprehension, misdemeanor evading arrest on foot, misdemeanor resisting arrest, misdemeanor drug possession, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia, and numerous traffic violations. In a case from May, Olvera is charged with felony possession with intent to deliver, misdemeanor fleeing an officer, misdemeanor evading arrest, drug paraphernalia, and traffic violations. In ANOTHER case from September of 2022, Olvera is charged with misdemeanor fleeing an officer and traffic violations. The bails for each of the cases are $100,000, $50,000, and $50,000 each for a total of $200,000. He failed to post that amount and is in Franklin County Jail.

Around 11:30am on August 23rd, Pennsylvania State Police received word from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office that they were following a blue Lincoln MKX near Molly Pitcher Highway and Mount Rock Road. Inside of the Lincoln was Francisco Olvera Jr, a man wanted by multiple municipalities.

Troopers joined the action with the Sheriff’s Department until they tried to execute a traffic stop near W King Street and Park Heights Avenue outside Shippensburg. The Lincoln reportedly slowed down and pulled to the right shoulder then immediately accelerated away. The chase went down W King Street to Lurgan Avenue, with the Lincoln allegedly driving into oncoming traffic to avoid slower vehicles. The continued onto Westover Drive, N Morris Street, then Municipal Drive. A PIT maneuver was executed by PSP Troopers, the the Lincoln stopping and the driver fleeing on foot. That man, now confirmed to be Francisco Olvera Jr, was tased and placed into handcuffs following significant resistance.

Police were able to find a fanny pack and cell phone in the vehicle that contained 27 fentanyl pills, two baggies of crack cocaine, and a plastic straw with drug residue.

This was the first time since at least September that police were able put Olvera in custody. It was, however, not his first time in contact with the law in that period.

In May of 2023, Chambersburg PD Officers were dispatched to the Red Roof Inn on Sheller Avenue for a reported disturbance in the parking lot. The man involved in the incident, believed to be Francisco Olvera Jr, got into a blue Jeep Liberty and fled from police, eventually stopping at the end of Meadowbrook Lane. Meadowbrook is a no outlet street and when police arrived, the reportedly found the driver’s side door open and no one sitting in the seat.

Police interviewed the passenger in the vehicle but the woman, Shady Spoonhour, allegedly wouldn’t answer their questions about the driver. It was, however, found that Olvera’s Social Security card and driver’s license were in a fanny pack inside of the vehicle. Additionally in that fanny pack was a large amount of buprenorphine and naloxone strips as well as an electronic scale that was found to have a positive test for cocaine on its surface.

In a case dating back to September of 2022, Chambersburg PD were dispatched to the area behind 66 S Main Street in the borough to a report of two people throwing garbage. When police arrived, one of the people accused, a woman, reportedly ignored police and got into a vehicle that began backing out of a parking spot. That vehicle, a black Honda Accord, allegedly ignored verbal and gesture commands for police to stop and ended up fleeing at a high rate of speed through alleyways and surface streets.

That vehicle allegedly eventually found about a half hour later near the intersection of S Coldbrook Avenue and Highland Avenue. The driver, identified later by phone records in recovered technology Francisco Olvera fled on foot and dropped two phones. The female in the case, Shady Spoonhour, was taken into custody.

Francisco Olvera Jr is behind bars on $200,000 combined bail. His preliminary hearing is set for September 5th.

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