After a Good Samaritan turns in a phony license and identity theft, PSP Chambersburg say trail leads to Connecticut man

07 June 2024- A great series of police works and just a little bit of luck seem to be the driving reason for charges levied against a Connecticut man following a fake driver’s license being turned in. William Heady Jr has been charged in Pennsylvania with felony identity theft, felony forgery, and misdemeanor possession/sale/use of display documents. He failed to post bail of $100,000 in Franklin County.

Pennsylvania State Police Troopers in Chambersburg were initially called to investigate a reported identity theft after a man entered their barracks with a driver’s license that was sent to his home that had all of his correct info but a picture of another man. That man, PSP say, did not know the man who was pictured but knew that the license was sent to him by a law office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The office, the victim allegedly said, had notified him that someone had found his license and turned it into their office.

Troopers took a copy of the suspicious license and requested a report from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Facial Recognition Unit for analysis. A cropped photo of the suspect pictured on the phony license was sent back, allegedly finding it to be William Heady of Wethersfield, Connecticut as a probable match. Heady, PSP say, had a criminal history, including in Florida where he was charged with ID info fraudulent use of 5k- felony, ID theft counterfeit fictious personal documents, and grand theft 3rd degree.

Officers involved in Heady’s arrest were contacted in Florida, with them relaying the incident surrounding his arrest back to PSP. Troopers say that Heady was at a bank in Pinecrest, Florida and had tried to withdraw money using another fictitious driver’s license with a Mississippi bank member’s info on it.

PennDOT was contacted after the initial ID was scanned by PSP. After going through the car, PennDOT concluded that it was fraudulent and many security features were missing.

William Heady is behind bars in Franklin County after failing to post bail of $100,000.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000052-2023, Incident No.: PA 2023-242498