Abortion came up in the PA Judiciary Committee yesterday

December 14 – As part of the work at the end of 2023, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives held a hearing on the judiciary committee where abortion was discussed. 

Testifiers included OBGYNs from the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University Health. 

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “They love to talk about abortion. They think it’s a winning issue for them. Of course, in Pennsylvania, we have a very middle of the road abortion law. I mean, up until 24 weeks of the first two trimesters you can pretty much have an abortion for most any reason. But yet, even though that is the law of the land and Pennsylvania, they are attempting a constitutional amendment that would essentially gut the Abortion Control Act and allow abortion from conception to birth.”

The witnesses were pro-abortion doctors. 

Kauffman said they “could not give me, when I interrogated, could not give a limit to when abortion should not occur, 39, 39 weeks, no. They wouldn’t give that. Very frankly, it’s disappointing, but the Democrats are true radicals on abortion. Make no mistake about it. They want no limits on abortion. Because if they were reasonable Pennsylvania’s Abortion Control Act is one of the most reasonable laws in America, and in the world. I mean, we’re kind of radical in the world.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “In the world it’s either 16 or 12 weeks where the limits are and there are very strict limits in some of these countries. It’s unrealistic to even worry about that in Pennsylvania with what they’re saying. Less than 1 percent of abortions even take place in the third trimester, overall, so it’s a false fear that they’re trying to generate.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM insisted, “It’ll work. It will work. Make no mistake. This works.”  

Kauffman agreed, “You’re right because you have the media on their side. Sound bites. They get the tens of millions of dollars in their campaigns to say whatever they want. That is not true.”

Ryan wondered, “Why don’t the Republicans just give in, say you know what? Whatever you want with abortion is fine with us. Democrats, we just agree with you. Take abortion off the table and focus all of our efforts on something like preborn instead of getting into a peeing match with the left, fine if that’s what you want from start to finish. By giving up, focus more on going to the heart. The heart is if you see the baby and you see ultrasound, here, let’s just focus on that. What about that?”

Kauffman said, “I think many of us want to do it twofold. I’ve been involved in our crisis pregnancy centers here in Franklin County. I used to be President of the Board of our pregnancy ministries here years ago. The reality is those of us who believe in our heart and soul that that is a life. I can’t do that. I can’t say Democrats, you do whatever you want. We’re going to go over here. We want to do it twofold.”

Ryan suggested, “But by putting up the fight, then you lose the war. If your idea is to continue to carry on the Republican mantra, and you’re going to lose because too many people are too stupid to pay attention to the issue and know the full facts on it. Here. Fine, you win. We’ll go and work on the preborn.” 

Kauffman said, “The reality is though in Pennsylvania, they’re attacking our crisis pregnancy centers as well. So it doesn’t matter where they’re at. The state attorney general is after our crisis pregnancy centers. They are trying to defund any option to abortion. They literally are a death cult. That is what they are.”

Jansen added, “They want to take away women’s choices and I thought we wanted informed choices, but they don’t. They want to scare women and they want to force them into a position where they don’t feel like they have a choice and I thought that was the absolute opposite of what we really wanted.”