A tax increase of 4.75 mils is on the way for Waynesboro residents

November 18 – The Waynesboro Borough Council approved a 4.75 mil tax increase in the borough of Waynesboro at last night’s council meeting.

Jason Stains, Borough Manager of Waynesboro, joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News for a recap of the meeting.

No one from the public made comments about the budget after it was presented.

Stains said, “It was approved. We’re looking at a 4.75 mil increase in our taxes in Waynesboro. It is for fire and police services in 2022. That will go on public display on November 29 so the public will have time to review that document before the December 15 borough council meeting where it will be approved for 2022.”

The other takeaway from the meeting was a public hearing for a potential housing project adjacent to Fairview Elementary School on a lot that is not facing a public street. It actually faces an alley.

Stains said, “We had most of the neighborhood I would say show up at the meeting and voice their concerns over the traffic that’s already in that area due to the elementary school and voice concern about building what was on paper as a concept was a four-unit, 15-apartment unit per building complex. The public was very much opposed to this project. Borough council was only holding the public hearing to hear the public’s input on the proposed idea and they did not take action on the sketch plan at this point. They only wanted to listen to the public last night and they have assured the public that if and when they decide to make a decision on this they will notify all of them again of that meeting, day, date and time. Our ordinance does not require a timeframe for them to respond to the public hearing that we had last night. According to the developer, the developer is merely looking for the temperature of the water to see if this is something that could be built there. It has some implications because this lot is old. It’s about four acres and it fronts an alley and it does not front a street.”

To the west, it is locked in by another neighborhood. To the south is a church parking lot and an elementary school and to the north is another neighborhood. It does not front a public street and is completely surrounded.

Stains pointed out, “That alley gets a lot of use in the mornings and afternoons with the elementary school with pickup and dismissal and we already have a large traffic issue at that elementary school. WE have parents and relatives lining up probably a half hour or so prior to dismissal and really gridlocking the area to the point where traffic is not moving in four different directions at the intersection of Fairview and Third Street. I think this is far from over. There’s a lot to be discussed. Our engineering department is currently working on hopefully a relief idea for all of the traffic that lines up there and we’ll see if this move forward.”

The Waynesboro Christmas Tree Lighting will be at 7 p.m. on Friday in the square. There are some activities ahead of time beginning around 4 p.m.

The annual Christmas Parade will be Saturday afternoon through Waynesboro and kick off the holiday celebrations for the town.