A state supreme court officially rules frozen embryos are children

19 February 2024- As freezing embryos becomes increasingly common for women as they age, a state Supreme Court has decided that they have an “incalculable value”. This comes as the Alabama Supreme Court rules that frozen embryos are, in fact, children.

This decision reverses the dismissal of a lawsuit in which a couple sued a fertility clinic and hospital for the “wrongful death” of their frozen embryos. This reportedly happened when a hospital patient took them from a freezer and dropped them on the floor.

Those in favor of the ruling by the ASC say that life itself has “incalculable value” and those that could have become parents can now sue for wrongful death of those embryos. Opponents, however, worry that this could caused raised prices and make fertility treatments even more complex as hospitals and clinics have to be ready to lawyer up should an event like the one that brought this case to light happen.