A proclamation making Franklin County a Second Amendment sanctuary would be more about the message than anything

CHAMBERSBURG – When Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery said he’s had calls from citizens supporting the idea of Franklin County becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary, listeners of News Talk 103.7FM were pretty surprised that the other commissioners weren’t on board.

Flannery said that he could bring it up for a vote, but he “will not get the support to do that.”

Other states and local municipalities have put in provisions to their laws that say they are not going to enforce from the state or local level any legislation that they believe restricts gun rights beyond what they believe the constitution allows.

It would not be binding to state or municipal police or employees, but local sheriffs would abide it.

Franklin County’s own Sheriff Dane Anthony is very supportive of this kind of measure, according to Attorney Clint Barkdoll who spoke with First News this morning.

“It’s baffling that you have two commissioners that would just so out of hand reject this,” Barkdoll said. “A lot of other counties and boroughs in Pennsylvania have passed these resolutions to send a signal that we want the public to know that we support second amendment rights.”

Michele Jansen agreed, “It’s the signal. There is value in getting municipality after municipality to say yes this is what we want. That’s how you apply pressure up the board to the state level and the federal level to tell them do not challenge our constitutional rights.”

Barkdoll continued, “If I’m John Flannery, I’d put it on the floor for a motion, let it die, but put those other two on the spot. Make them vote against it.”