A new poll shows Nikki Haley really gaining momentum in the Republican race for 2024

November 17 – A recent New Hampshire poll found Republican candidate for the 2024 presidency Nikki Haley gaining in popularity. 

The numbers from the poll fall out to 42 percent backing Donald Trump, 20 percent supporting Haley, 14 percent would vote for Chris Christie and nine percent want Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Some analysts are a little surprised that Haley continues to increase in the polling. 

Could this just be something in New Hampshire or is it a trend? 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll predicted, “It is a trend. Every poll that’s been released the last couple of weeks show Nikki Haley really surging in that field. She’s emerging as the clear cut second place person. Now she’s still way behind Trump, but some of these polls had Trump ahead a few months ago by 35, 40-plus points. It looks like she’s cut into that lead, at least in New Hampshire, it’s now at 20 points.”

There are also apparently big money donors gravitating toward Haley. 

Barkdoll said, “You wonder where this goes? We’re only two months away from the New Hampshire primary. She just did a $10 million ad buy in Iowa and New Hampshire. What’s interesting about this lane she found, she’s very anti-Trump. If you watched the debate, she’s very critical of him. She’s also been much more moderate among the Republicans on this abortion issue. We keep talking about that in all of these elections around the country. You wonder, are they figuring out a formula here? There’s a couple points that really move people into her column. We know what over the years, historically, think about that New Hampshire primary, you get someone that finishes in a strong second or third place position even, it will propel them into electoral success then in South Carolina, in Nevada, and I’m sure that’s part of the strategy that her campaign is using right now.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “It’s a little disconcerting. I mean, I understand politics and money and you can’t say it’s all bad. I mean, you want to support somebody that seems to be winning. We shouldn’t be so cynical about that, because we know it takes money to win an election but at the same time, I think voters sometimes feel like the elites are controlling this at various levels, political and social media elites that are controlling what messages can get out there, very wealthy people who can throw their money behind certain candidates. It’s just hard for the average voter to feel like wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, it’s supposed to be about what the voters choose, not the elites. 

Anthony Panasiewicz of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “I do agree with that, but I think that Nikki Haley’s messaging has been pretty much spot on at least for the trends that we have seen.” 

“Not for funding the wars, though,” Jansen noted.

“No,” Panasiewicz agreed, “I’ve had many people that have told me one of their key issues is abortion. She checks off the boxes and you get the traditional ‘Republicans to pull better on the economy, pull better on certain other security’ and I think you get the boost of that, coupled with this abortion issue, which it’s wild that this has become the issue that it is.” 

Jansen said, “Well, there’s ignorance about the abortion issue that makes me crazy that the ignorance is basically why here message is resonating, although I can’t disagree that people have a problem with the quote unquote, misnomer of a ban of abortions, when that’s truly actually not what’s happening, but that’s the perception.”

Barkdoll said, “Her international policy experience, in today’s world, a lot of voters like that. She was the former UN ambassador of course after she was the governor of South Carolina. Look, if we had to place a bet right now, we’d have to say the likely nominees next year are Biden and Trump, but you look at these kinds of polls, New Hampshire is a very contrarian state. We’ve seen this movie before over the years. You get a late surging candidate, she might be peaking at just the right time. They’re suddenly able to run the table and do things that no one is predicting. So I would definitely not rule her out and remember these polls, poll after poll after poll, upwards of 70 percent of all voters do not want Trump or Biden, which tells me there is a huge appetite for some kind of an alternate candidate to emerge. No one has broken through yet, but it looks like the trend lines are really moving strongly in her favor. So this is going to be fascinating to watch as we’re only two months now from this first election in New Hampshire.”