A new Franklin and Marshall poll shows Biden ahead by six points in November

February 1 — Franklin and Marshall College released a poll yesterday that showed if the presidential election this November has another Joe Biden/Donald Trump head-to-head matchup, Biden is ahead by six points right now. 

Additionally, polling was released yesterday in seven battleground states, which includes Pennsylvania, that shows Trump with a pretty solid lead in all seven of the states. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Those are the states that are going to control the outcome of the presidential election, which is very good news for Donald Trump. Now on the F&M poll, Yost does the right track, wrong track, which still shows that most voters in Pennsylvania on his poll think that we’re on the wrong track.” 

Interestingly, 37% of the people polled think the country is on the right track. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I find that baffling to me, 37% say this country is on the right track? The southern border, you gas, your groceries, a guy who doesn’t know where he is when he is or what he is as the president the disaster of KJP, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, China, dead soldiers and you tell me, there’s 37% of people that think we’re on the right track? That shocks me.”

“It’s remarkable,” Barkdoll agreed. “To drill down into this poll a little more, here’s the other thing that jumps off the page, Biden’s approval rating in Pennsylvania is only at 32%. But yet in the head to head matchup with Trump, Biden is ahead by one point, 43 to 42. As an aside, Governor Shapiro’s approval rating has also ticked down a bit from the last poll. His approval rating is now at about 48%. But getting back to that Biden approval rating at 32% and showing Biden ahead by one point, it goes back to this theme that we keep returning to in pollsters: we’re looking at the two most unpopular presidential candidates in history, Biden versus Trump. I just can’t imagine if you’re in Biden’s camp and you see an approval rating of 32%, how does he keep moving forward? I still think there’s a scenario that at the convention this summer, do the delegates start exerting pressure and get him off the stage to nominate someone else? We’ll see.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested, “I feel like I could lay all my money on that bet that that is what’s going to happen. They can’t allow this guy with this level of approval to be the candidate when it comes to the fall. However, look at the shame of it. The party that keeps saying how democracy is what they were trying to protect, they’re not going to give their voters a real choice. They’re going to put this guy up and he’s going to get through and then they’re going to bait and switch him but they’re the party that cares about democracy.”

Ryan added, “And whoever they put forward, either it’s going to be the same as it ever was, or it’s going to get even worse. Think about Michelle Obama and four years of that. You’ve got to be kidding me.”