A helicopter crash killed a number of Iranian officials – including the president 

May 20 – Ebrahim Raisi, the president of Iran, as well as the Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and other officials died in a helicopter crash on Sunday, according to the Iranian state media. 

The helicopter apparently had to make a hard landing and it resulted in the crash. 

Reuters reported that Iranian officials denied any involvement in the crash. 

The terrorist group, Hamas, has been backed by Iran for years. 

The helicopter crash has a number of people wondering what’s in store for the country. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM recalled, “There has to be a number of Iranians that are breathing a sigh of relief to see this hardliner, who helped back in ‘88 mass executions. So we’ve got chaos and upset and it could be good or it could be worse.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “We know in that part of the world over the years sometimes these guys are taken out of commission and they’re replaced with someone even worse. So it remains to be seen what happens there, but this guy had a long history of really brutal kinds of things that he would order. That’s a volatile part of the world. It sounds like there’s another vice president that’s now going to step into that. They must have an election within 50 days. That’s in their country’s law to replace this position. So I think you’ll see this week some candidates start to emerge. Who knows what’ll happen?” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM predicted, “Usually they only have one candidate so you don’t really have that much choice. The other fear of course is that the military is going to take a bigger role and perhaps make things even more authoritarian for unfortunately, the citizens of Iran which from my point of view, knowing people that live there, I don’t feel like they really like their government at all, but they are really rather under the gun of their government, so there’s not too much they can do about it.”

Barkdoll added, “You think over the years when someone like Hussein was taken out or Qaddafi and there was a lot of optimism about what would happen and then it would just turn into even a worse situation. So I think the people of Iran would like change, but you just wonder if the inertia is such that it won’t happen.” 

Jansen said, “They tried back when I think it was when President Obama was in office, it ended up failing and people got killed and jailed and when you live under that kind of fear, you don’t really make waves.”

Barkdoll recalled, “This guy was very anti Israel and the United States. So I’m sure that you’re going to see more of that with whoever replaces him.”