A Day at Letterkenny – where history reminds us of who we are

July 28 – News Talk 103.7FM spent the morning broadcasting live from the Letterkenny Army Depot and the history of our county served as an amazing reminder of our past and our strength for the future.

Surrounded by artifacts from World War II and photos of those who came before gave Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen a chance to pause and reflect.

Ryan said, “It puts a great deal in perspective awfully fast. When you start seeing this stuff and the people that walked before us, how blessed and how lucky and how humbled. It takes the air right out of your lungs.”

During World War II, a lot of the ammunition that was sent overseas for the fighting that raged there came directly from the Letterkenny Army Depot, right here in Franklin County.

Throughout our day to day struggles and battles and worries that all of us have right now, it’s worth it to take a moment every once in a while and reflect on the power and the lessons from the past.

It was a great day at Letterkenny and you can hear some of the fantastic interviews here:

For a talk with Andrew Newman, resident archivist and historian at LEAD, click here: https://soundcloud.com/newstalk1037fm/28-july-news-talk-1037fm-live-from-letterkenny-with-andrew-newman

To hear Colonel Tim Ballas, click here: https://soundcloud.com/newstalk1037fm/28-july-colonel-tim-ballas

And a conversation with Colonel Gibbons and Colonel Allbritton can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/newstalk1037fm/28-july-live-from-letterkenny-colonel-gibbons-and-colonel-allbritton

Staff at News Talk 103.7FM would like to thank everyone at Letterkenny Army Depot for their warm welcome, support and everything they do for our country. We are lucky to have the men and women working hard in Franklin County for LEAD.