A $500k+ grant to Chambersburg will extend water mains into Greene Twp

20 December 2023- Today the Borough of Chambersburg received a $578,875 COVID-19 ARPA H20 PA grant to install 4,000 feet of water main into Greene Township’s Transitional Commercial Zone, which will allow new commercial growth in the Grand Point area.

“This is an exciting next step for the borough to extend its water service into a neighboring township in order to invite economic development into our shared communities,” President of Council Allen Coffman said. “We are thankful to Greene Township for its cooperation, and for Rep. Rob Kauffman and Sen. Doug Mastriano’s support of the project.”

The project area is located in Greene Township between the exit 17 interchange on Interstate 81 and just north of the high-density commercial corridor along Norland Avenue inside the borough. It was zoned by Greene Township to attract business and industry near existing health care, retail, and residential uses. A mutually beneficial project, Greene Township will realize increased economic opportunities and expanded tax base, whereas the borough will be able to expand its water customer base into Greene Township in this new area and generate more revenue.

“Inter-municipal cooperation is paramount to economic development and building resilient infrastructure,” Kauffman said. “The project will build upon the partnership between the borough and Greene Township and will offer the infrastructure needed to serve this targeted growth area.”

Roughly half of the developable land in the new Grand Point Water District is owned by WellSpan Health and the other half is available for commercial uses, such as hotels, office space, and retail. The area spans from the Norfolk Southern railroad to I-81, south of Woodstock Road/Kohler Road and is over 200 acres in size.

“It was my pleasure to support the greater Chambersburg community in advancing this important infrastructure improvement project,” Mastriano said. “It will bring new opportunities for thousands of Franklin County residents.”

The project involves the installation of iron pipes, valves, fire hydrants, and joint restraints, along with system testing. The water main piping will be installed along North Parkwood Drive, starting at the township-borough border, and extending north to the intersection with Fifth Avenue. From there, it will follow future Fifth Avenue east to Kohler Road. The Borough of Chambersburg — being its own water owner and operator — will directly oversee the project.

The H2O PA Act was established by the General Assembly in July 2008. The Act provides for single-year or multi-year grants to municipalities or municipal authorities to assist with the construction of drinking water, sanitary sewer and stormwater projects. Act 54 of 2022 appropriated $205.4 million of American Rescue Plan Act funds to the H2O PA – Water Supply, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Water Projects Program, which is administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development. The Commonwealth Financing Authority recommended 209 H20 PA applications for award from more than 430 that were submitted.