Aggravated Assault

CHAMBERSBURG – Friday night, 11/6/2020, at approx. 2250 hrs, Chambersburg Police officers responded to 208 S. Main St. for a report of a stabbing that occurred in the 100 block of W Washington St. Upon arriving, it was determined that a male and a female (Kathryn Ray) were involved in a verbal dispute at an apartment located at 208 S Main St. Ray left and was followed from the apartment by the male/victim. Both continued to yell at one another while walking down the W. Washington St. While in the 200 block of W Washington St., the argument moved into the parking lot of CVS.

As the victim and Ray were separating from one another, the victim stated that Ray pulled a knife out and stabbed the victim him from behind in the left side of his chest. The victim left the area and went to S Main St. He was transported by ambulance to the Chambersburg Hospital where he was treated and later released. The suspect was located at a convenience store and found to be in possession of the knife. She was subsequently arrested for Aggravated Assault.