2023 Pavement Preservation Program Underway

Patching, milling, paving, and crack filling could impact traffic

HAGERSTOWN – The City’s annual Pavement Preservation Program, aimed at extending service life, enhancing safety, and improving the quality of ride on City streets, is underway.  Over the next eight weeks, the City’s contractor will be patching pavement on about 16 streets around the City, milling and paving approximately 20 others, and filling in cracks on 16 more.

Traffic Advisories will be issued when work requires closing streets or intersections to traffic in order to perform and complete it safely and efficiently.  Additionally, detour routes will be posted to direct drivers around closures.  In most cases, efforts will be made to keep one lane open, and flag personnel will be used to direct motorists through the work zones.  Motorists approaching the work areas are urged to use caution, and to obey traffic control signals and the direction of flag personnel.  Temporary traffic delays and congestion should be expected as a result of the pavement preservation work.

Emergency vehicles will be able to pass through the work zones while the work is being performed, but may encounter traffic congestion and delays.

The City of Hagerstown spends between $500,000 and $1 million annually to upgrade and maintain its more than 110 miles of streets.  Visit www.hagerstownmd.org/256/Pavement-Preservation for more information related to the Pavement Preservation Program.