18 Year old found with car stolen from Shippensburg University after he’s caught speeding through a school zone

08 September 2023- An 18 year old former Shippensburg man is looking at a felony charge after allegedly being found in possession of a stolen vehicle. Anthony Daniel Onativia-Fuentes is charged with felony receiving stolen property, misdemeanor unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and numerous traffic violations. Onativia-Fuentes is behind bars on $50,000 bail.

Shippensburg Police officers were on regular patrol near the intersection of Baker-Russell Drive and Eberly Drive as students were arriving to school when they allegedly spotted a vehicle that was driving well above the posted 15mph school zone speed limit. The vehicle also allegedly made some erratic movements towards the center of the road before the officer conducted a traffic stop.

The vehicle eventually stopped in a driveway on the west side of Rowe Road, with officers approaching and speaking to the driver. The driver was then identified as Anthony Onativia-Fuentes but not by his license, as he said he left it at home. Onativia-Fuentes additionally could not produce any registration or insurance info for the car, with him reportedly telling officers it was his mother’s vehicle. Officers then ran the vehicle to find it was listed as stolen.

After continuing the question Onativia-Fuentes, police eventually learned that the vehicle was not registered to his mother. Additionally, Onativia-Fuentes was reportedly kicked out of his parent’s home prior to the incident with him taking his mother’s boyfriend’s car. But again, Onativia-Fuentes would later allegedly say that the car was actually stolen from a lot on Shippensburg University’s campus. Onativia-Fuentes reportedly told police that he found it with the door open and keys inside.

Shippensburg PD officers then contact the University Police Department, with them confirming that the vehicle was reported as stolen. Onativia-Fuentes allegedly again confirmed that he had stolen the car from a lot on campus after being Mirandized, with him relating that he was actively taking a student to Shippensburg Area Senior High School when police stopped him.

Anthony Onativia-Fuentes is behind bars on $50,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for September 19th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000135-2023, Incident No.: SP20236064