18 Year old charged after allegedly bringing 15 knives, three pellet guns to Waynesboro HS

09 March 2023- A Waynesboro teen is looking at 15 felonies after allegedly bringing a series of weapons to school in his vehicle. Waynesboro Area School District Police charge Rusty Eugene Haines with 15 counts of misdemeanor conspiracy to possess a weapon on school property. Haines has not been arraigned and had a summons issued to him.

On March 6th around 9am, Waynesboro School District Officers were alerted to a weapon that was allegedly in plain view inside a vehicle on WASD property. The vehicle was parked in the back of Waynesboro Area High School and was registered to Rusty Eugene Haines. The car, which was not locked, had a red handled knife allegedly in plain view on the driver’s seat of the vehicle, with police allegedly able to see two other knives in the vehicle in view. WASH Administrators as well as Haines were summoned to the car where Haines allegedly told police and admins that he was a knife collector and that there were indeed knives in his vehicle.

Police and WASH administrators allegedly searched the car to find 15 knives, two wrist rocket slingshots, and three pellet rifles as well as several boxes of pellets for the guns. A third wrist rocket slingshot was allegedly taken from Haines’ backpack that he was wearing inside of the high school.

According to court filings, Haines was released from the school and suspended prior to further administrative action.

Haines is free with a summons issued.

Sources: Complaint/Incident Number: 2023-0105, Docket Number: MJ-39302-CR-0000114-2023