$100k bail levied against alleged Chambersburg fentanyl, crack dealer

18 March 2024- Drug charges have been filed against a Chambersburg man after a search warrant was executed on his property earlier this year. Joshua Moses Smalls is behind bars on $100,000 bail after being charged with felony conspiracy possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, felony possession with intent to deliver, and felony criminal use of a communications facility.

CPD say that they completed a search warrant on a vehicle occupied by Joshua Smalls on January 25th, when he was arrested for a prior warrant. During a search of that vehicle, they say they found six vials that contained a white chucky substance believed to be crack cocaine.

The next day, CPD say they executed another search warrant on a lock box belonging to a co-conspirator of Smalls after K9 units showed a positive alert for drugs or paraphernalia being found inside of it. During the search of the box, police allegedly found IDs for both Smalls and his coconspirator as well as a large sum of money. Prior to the lock box being seized, however, CPD say that it was given to another female who told them she dropped it on the floor. When it hit the floor, the lid flew open and a baggie of pills allegedly fell from it, which included 33 capsules of heroin/fentanyl and 7 pills of suspected oxycodone.

On February 22nd, Chambersburg PD say that Smalls’ coconspirator told them both her and Smalls had sold fentanyl capsules and crack cocaine.

A forensic analysis of Smalls’ cell phone, which was previously seized, reportedly led to investigators confirming not only the fact he sold the substances but also that he was sending payments for drugs through “online services”.

Joshua Smalls remains behind bars on $100,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000149-2024, Incident No.: C202401071